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Why Kinetic Flexitank ? article

Why Kinetic Flexitank ?
• Cost Savings in terms of labor , transportation and no return costs
• Maximum Safety. Environmental dust cap can prevent the pollution of the liquids or spilling with wrong handling.
• Zero Contamination Risk
• Up to 40% more payload than drums ( 14,000 Litres to 24,000 Litres )
• Easy Load and Discharge
• Patented Valves, Flange and air vent.
• Compatible with most liquids which are non – hazardous
• Recyclable
• Disposable
• Easy Installation

Why are we so special ?
• We are easy to use and cost effective. 
• We are strong and highly robust.
• Compatibility with a wide range of liquids.
• Our valves and Flange are patented to maximize anti leakage.
• Our bag material is made from high quality P.E which combine strength and flexibility.
• Our bags are recyclable to protect the environment. No risk contamination.

Cost effective
• Our 3 inch flange comes in as a standard and a 2 or 3 inch valves can be supplied to suit most application of filling and discharging.
• Our special air vent valves are specially designed for food transportation.
• Liquids can be discharged without any rolling.
• Filling and discharge time is highly reduced comparing to the usage of ISO tanks and drums.
• We can provide fitting, loading and discharge at site on request.
• Our kits comes in a set which is easily transportable making a just in time
• We can also provide technical support upon request.

For more information please contact
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Kinetic Flexitank

Last Updated: 15 OCT 2019
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